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    High School
    What's your complete in game name?
    What position are you applying for?
    How long have you been playing BetterPvP / BattleAU?
    For over a month now, I've been playing since the test map had 20 players daily.
    What do you bring to the team?
    I bring a good experience with catching hackers as I've owned servers and moderated on others. I also bring good communicating skills as I am always on discord or in game 24/7. I am always open to talking to players on discord. I bring my own personality and sense of humor.
    How old are you?
    15 years old.
    Have you ever been previously banned/punished for server related issues?
    Nope. I was MAH forced in the very beginning when I played to see how good the anti-cheat was.
    What's your prior experience?
    I've owned a server for a few months and have moderated on servers with around 100-1k players. I know almost all commands for punishing hackers, muting etc. and am open and willing to learn the custom BetterPVP ones. I also know how everything works on this server as I have been playing it for a very long time, and hope to play it for as long as it is up.
    Why do you believe you are the right person for this job?
    I am mature and patient when it comes to staffing. I know how to deal with situations between players and know what to do to make a situation better even if it involves punishment. I am not toxic when I get angry. I dedicate a lot of my time into this server and play as much as I can. I love the community, I'm familiar with the game mode (clans). I have fun when I'm on the server and I hope to improve that time by becoming staff and punishing those who cheat. I always respond to players even if I'm busy or doing something else, I also am active on discord but not so much the forums. I am not like other applicants who just apply for fame etc. I truly want to make the server a better place for everyone and not become staff just for the tag. This is my favorite server and I will do anything to make it better.
    Do you consider yourself popular among the community?

    Semi-popular, people know my name, but not too much.
    Are you currently a donator of BetterPvP?
    No, but I vote as often as possible. (Don't have a lot of money irl)

    Extra: Nothing.
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    Hey mate thanks for applying! Due to recent events with certain staff members abusing their powers we have decided to stop recruiting for the staff team FOR NOW. We are focussing on training the staff we do have to make sure gameplay isn't ruined again.

    Try again in a few months :)
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